Your Focus Flourishes


For today’s #mindsetmonday ,let’s talk about the Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction is so simple that we often over complicate it. When we remember that whatever we give our attention to increases in our life, we can use our power of thought to redirect towards what we are wanting. So often I find myself and my loved ones getting caught up in complaining and drama.

It’s almost as if, I am afraid to stop focusing on the bad stuff, incase it ‘gets away from me.’

What an ironic use of wording. I fear ending my focus on the bad stuff (what wish I don’t wish to experience), incase it should ‘get away from me.’ In this sense, I was thinking of it becoming so huge and insurmountable that it would become this unkept wild forrest of bad stuff that would over power my life, unless however I was consciously pruning it and keeping it at bay with my attention to it. As my own fearful ideas stated, that the only thing I will get by not focusing my attention on the bad stuff, is that it will get away from me. The only thing you will get by not focusing on what you want, is what you don’t want.

The only thing you will get by focusing solely on what you want, is what you want.

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How to Achieve Everlasting Unshakeable Success.

I used to think that a successful relationship with food meant that I could eat anything and everything that I wanted. It has become the search of my lifetime. To find a way to have it all.  I have read books, studied quantum physics, done energy work, committed to training my thoughts to create new beliefs.  I diligently pursued transforming my thoughts to create this desired reality. This quest has been the benchmark for my success.  I would find and create a new reality where I live limitless.  Where I can eat whatever I want and be thin and healthy. With all the best efforts and mind training, I still have found myself unsuccessful.  Many beliefs have consumed my thoughts over the years in the opposition of my desire.

Well, maybe its time to let go of my idea of success.  If not eating something makes me feel better and honors my body, perhaps that is a better dream for me now. I had always viewed success as having harmony with every food. When perhaps success is finding a harmony with yourself.

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What garden are you growing?

What Garden Are You Growing? By Chelsea Rocks Life

I’ve never been a very good gardener.  I have no idea how to weed a garden.  I can’t tell the difference between plants and weeds most of the time. It’s all green and just trying to live.  Who am I to say one is bad and one is good? Well, the problem with weeds, is they suck the nutrients out of the food or flowers you a have planted and hinder their growth. Without spending the time to discern between the two, you may end up with a garden full of weeds and no carrots.

I have this grand dream of having a huge successful garden in my backyard, but it so far is just a dream.  I keep saying, next summer I will learn the skills it takes, I will make the time to tend it, and then I can relish in the sweet rewards. My problem isn’t learning how to garden, it’s the weeds in my mind that say it’s too hard to learn and the mounting procrastination and negative self talk.

Our thoughts are either growing weeds or growing flowers. Our self talk, perspective, thoughts, words, and actions in a day are shaping what kind of life we create.

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I’ll be grateful when…

I'll Be Grateful When...

Conditional Gratitude.

I sure like to think that I am truly grateful for my life. I have started gratitude journals to count my blessings and say thank you to God (source or whatever you call it).  I found that the more I counted my blessings the more that they became my “gold stars” that would add up to my ticket to the Holy Grail what I truly want. I have read over, and over, and over, that everything in life will flow to you if you are grateful. Therefore, if you count your blessings and live in gratitude you will get what you desire.

So, I started to count my blessings.  I started living in conscious gratitude. That’s when I realized I have been living, thinking, and thanking in conditional gratitude. I found myself only wanting to be thankful for the “good” stuff that happened in my day.  I also only felt SUPER thankful when something BIG and awesome happened.  My conversations where like this;

“Thank you God (universe, supreme source, whatever), for the beautiful weather today, food to nourish my body, etc (insert generic “thanks a bunch for what I should be feeling grateful for… because I know I have more than others.. so all that stuff)… But I could really use an extra $500 to go to this awesome day retreat coming up”

What about the little awesome things that happen in a day?  Like when you kid naps for an extra 5 minutes so you could finish pooping without him screaming in his crib while you are trying to wipe? Thank God for that one!

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